Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Do you want to turn your website into a mobile application? If so, do you know what PWA is? The progressive web application should work on every device - from the computer, through the tablet to a mobile phone. It's usually built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, in opposition to a native application made especially for iOS or Android that need to be installed through App Store or Google Play. PWA is supported by major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge.

laptop's screen with open application for programming
What does it do for your project? Advantages include: online and offline availability great speed after initial loading support for push notifications an icon on the phone's home screen responsiveness - progressive web application works on every device, regardless of the size one code base - meaning that you don't need different versions for different systems - you can have one that works on Android and iOS and different web browsers.
laptop, notepad, mobile phone and coffee on the desktop

Do you think that progressive web application (PWA) is for you?